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LE COOL - OHAYO INTERVIEW - "Hair of the gods"

Website Feature 05-06-2015

Sanam Petri and Douglas Wolfson might just have saved your job/neck/head/world with their brand new hangover preventative Ohayo. Meaning ‘good morning’ in Japanese, all you need to do is drink one when you come in from a night on the lash and when you wake up you won’t turn into a pile of ashen puke on the rush hour 134. Josh Jones wanted to know what’s going on.

How did you two come to making a super hangover preventer?
DOUGLAS: Moving to the UK from the US was an interesting experience for both of us. We loved it here immediately, but as I’m sure you know, the London social scene is pretty different. In NYC, drinking and partying are mostly reserved for the weekends, while Londoners tend to do more of the mid-week drinking thing. Seemed like everyone we met here was going to the pub straight after work, then getting to the office by 9AM the next day without any problems, while we were barely functioning.

SANAM: The original formula came from a med school friend of ours, which we tweaked over time just in our kitchens. Pretty much like Breaking Bad, only way less cool. Then we started bringing it for friends on weekends away, nights out, etc. Once enough people started harassing us for it when we were out, we thought it was time we bring it to market. 

Does it reeealllly work?
SANAM: Haha. Would’ve been a pretty weird move on our part starting this business if it didn’t. Given just how many people have tried it and loved it, it’s tough to say no. Everyone’s body chemistry is different though. Some people feel absolutely amazing the next day, others just feel the edge taken off.

What’s in it that saves our souls the next day?
DOUGLAS: People talk about it like it’s some mythical potion, but it’s not that complicated really. A healthy dose of B vitamins to counter the headache, potassium to normalise your blood pressure, milk thistle to protect the liver… etc. 

SANAM: Really the secret is to drink it before you sleep. That way your body spends 8 hours recovering instead of drying out. Any product that claims they fix you the morning after… doesn’t really make sense. At that point nothing will help.

What’s the worst hangover you’ve ever had?
DOUGLAS: There have been a few. The weirdest was waking up with a hangover in Vegas, but having no idea how I got there. I’d started drinking in LA, so…. still trying to piece that one together. 

Where can we get our hands on this nectar?
DOUGLAS: We only launched two weeks ago, so for now just online. The positive reaction so far has been amazing, we’re still a bit in shock by how much people love our little brand. Thanks to all of you who’ve tried it!