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THE GUARDIAN REVIEW: "Hangover Cures Put to the Test"

Excerpt of an article from the Guardian - 1 January 2016


One brave writer hits the sauce to see if these bizarre remedies – from salty Calpol to soapy meat – do the trick.

It’s the first day of 2016. A time of bright new horizons. Of endless possibilities and optimism. Of waking up thinking “I WANT TO DIE”. Fortunately, ‘tis also the season for companies to market too-good-to-be-true hangover cures, so you can now buy powders, potions and ludicrous meat-based products that spuriously claim to stop you feeling like death warmed up. Could they be true? Might this be the year that you can tank NYE bubbly and wake up without feeling like someone’s angle-grinding your cerebral cortex? There was only one way to find out: getting horribly, horribly drunk five nights in a row. The Pulitzer is no doubt in the post.
“My intestines are thrumming like a tumble-dryer hose.”
Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian
The theory: drink the contents of this squat bottle just before bed and apparently its B-vitamins and electrolytes will see you “wake up happy”. Which is hopefully less euphemistic than it sounds.
The test: 16.5 units (one and two-thirds bottles of sauvignon blanc).
Mitigating factors: Had eaten an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet eight hours beforehand.
Verdict: This stuff is foul. It tastes like salty Calpol. Or rancid Lucozade. I slug back the vile saline gloop before switching off the lights, feeling very pleased at having remembered to do so – this drink’s main flaw being a requirement to exercise your memory at the height of your drunken fecklessness (hence a peel-off label you stick to your phone as a reminder). As I drift off, my intestines are thrumming like a tumble-dryer hose. This does not bode well. But the next morning, I actually feel pretty decent – moderately befuddled, granted, but what’s new? Not bad going given that the night before I’d drunk white wine until blacking out. So, apparently this stuff is pretty damned good. Well, either that or it’s the six-course Chinese buffet I ate for lunch. One of the two. 4/5
£3.60 a bottle. Available from Harvey Nichols stores and via