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We've been lucky to get a lot of great reviews from some of the drinks' industry's most-trusted journalists. Here's what happened when they tested our drink.




We've all heard of magical cures – most of us have tried them and almost all of us have been disappointed. So it was with a pinch of salt that we welcomed Ohayo, a new hangover prevention drink just launching in the UK.

It's got B vitamins to fight fatigue and help with headaches, magnesium to help with your electrolyte balance (which in turn helps with water retention and muscle function among others), potassium to maintain a normal blood pressure, and the age-old milk thistle's making an appearance to help your liver eliminate toxins.

It's supposed to be drunk last thing before bed – and if you're in a situation where you might forget to, the bottle comes with a peel-off label that you can stick somewhere to remind you to drink it.

So, does it work then? We decided to put Ohayo's claims to the test after an evening celebrating with Dom Pérignon at the launch of its Les Trois Étages project. 'Drink before bed. Wake up. Feel good' said the bottle – and we did.

With its herbal, slightly bitter flavour Ohayo tastes like it's good for you and the next morning, we opened one wary eye and found that the room wasn't spinning. That usual fuzziness after a night on the booze was replaced by a surprisingly clear head. Result.

'The reaction from individuals both in on-trade and the general public has been fantastic,' commented co-founder Douglas Wolfson. 'This, in part, is perhaps due to the natural scepticism of whether a product such as this will actually work. Once people try it, a light-bulb seems to go off when they realise what sort of potential this could have behind a bar.'

While this is currently only available to buy online for your, er, personal needs, the company will be rolling it out in bars 'that are a good fit for the brand' in the coming months.

£3/150ml. Ohayo,

News item from, 08-05-2015






Tried and tested: New Hangover prevention product Ohayo


We test out the latest product claiming to ward off hangovers

The holy grail of an elixir to prevent hangovers could be here. Sanam Petri and Douglas Wolfson have introduced a product called Ohayo which is based on an old formula that they have been using themselves for years.

Packed full of B vitamins, electrolytes and all-natural ingredients such as milk thistle, Ohayo promises to put “the good stuff” back into your body after a night out drinking alcohol. Taken before bed, it works on the body overnight to minimise or prevent a hangover.

It is not the first product to make these kinds of claims so the Bar magazine team decided to test it out on themselves. It proved a godsend for our publication manager Andy Morfey who took it before bed after a day out in Mariánské Lázně in the Czech Republic sampling a selection of local beers before moving on to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

Andy found it had a slight fruity taste which he says was fine and, unlike some other hangover products, was “not unpleasant at all”. Fearing the worst for a day at the local race track the next morning, he woke up with virtually no symptoms. “My standard hangover usually consists of a piercing headache, droopy dark eyes and a dry mouth – I really suffer. But to my amazement I had no headache. I was thirsty but not gasping and felt semi-fresh. I rate the product highly and would buy it again.”

Ohayo is available in easy-to-drink 150ml mini bottles which are sold online at £3 per unit. It is already being used by bartenders and others in the bar industry but is also being promoted for festival-goers.

“Not only does Ohayo rehydrate you after drinking, it also replaces the vitamins alcohol takes away”, Sanam explained. “It makes waking up in the morning much easier after a night out.”

Douglas added: “It always helps, without fail. If it didn’t work, we wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of bringing it to market. We started off just playing around with the formula, making batches for ourselves and our friends. But when everyone we knew started begging us for more, we thought it made sense to share it with the wider public.”



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